Apple iPhone 6s (7) & 6c Release Date

Published: August 28, 2015

Apple iPhone 6s (7) & 6c Release Date, Ever since last year’s iPhone 6 launch, leaks and reports have become grist to the rumour mill about the next Apple handsets to land on the market – likely to be called the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6c (but also known as the iPhone 7 at the moment).

Sifting through the mountains of speculation, half-truths and outright falsehoods can be a daunting task, so we’ve handily summarised everything you need to know about the next handset right here.

Apple iPhone 6s (7) & 6c: At-a-glance

28/08/2015: Apple will discontinue the iPhone 5c, according to reports, with the budget handset set to be replaced with the rumoured iPhone 6c following the company’s special launch event taking place on 9 September.

The report comes from a source quoted by 9to5Mac, which says production of the iPhone 5c could cease in late September, around the same time the iPhone 6s (iPhone 7) is widely slated to go on sale.

28/08/2015: Invites have gone out for the next Apple event, which will be held on 9 September in San Francisco.

The event is widely expected to see the release of new iPhone variants, including the iPhone 6s.

However, clues in the invitation indicate that we could also see a new iPhone 6c, as has also been rumoured.

The fringes of the Apple logo as seen on the invite are embellished with a pastel-coloured waveform pattern that almost exactly matches the range of colours that the iPhone 5c initially launched in.

Elsewhere, there are further clues to the event’s programme. The tagline on the invitations is “Hey Siri, give us a hint”, which point to the release of iOS 9 and its increased voice command features.

There have also been rumours, though, that an updated Apple TV is in the works, with Siri functionality built in to the remote in much the same way as Amazon Fire TV.

Whatever ends up getting launched in September, it’s bound to be big – Apple has hired out San Francisco’s 7,000-seat Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

This is a substantial contrast to its usual launch location, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which seats under 800.

The massively upgraded choice of venue indicates that Apple is planning to have either a huge amount of floor space for demonstrations or a large number of attendees.

Some have been predicting a new iPad launch as well, but given the usual schedule of these events, we’re expecting the new iPad to receive a standalone launch in October.

27/08/2015: Clues in the iOS 9 source code indicate that the new iPhone’s keyboard will have trackpad features, activated via Force Touch.

The telltale code snippets were revealed by perennial Apple hacker Hamza Sood in a tweet, who has previously dug around in the Apple WatchOS and OSX El Capitan source code.

This particular string appears to be designed to turn the keyboard into a trackpad for easier and more intuitive text selection.

The code also mentions that the feature is activated via ‘Deep Press’, seemingly confirming the inclusion of Force Touch on Apple’s forthcoming devices.

Whether or not this apparent trackpad feature will make it into the finished release, however, is still up for debate.

Of course, iOS 9 is still an unfinished beta, and as such, any insights gleaned from its code should be viewed with a measure of scepticism.

26/08/2015: A new video unearthed on YouTube yesterday by MacRumors appears to show a semi-functional iPhone 6s (also known as the iPhone 7) boot up, while leaked photos feature its constituent parts.

The handset does not load the iOS operating system, but it does display Apple’s gear icon, and MacRumors published the video along with pictures showing apparent upgrades in the new device’s hardware.

Parts like the rear camera are missing in the handset featured in the video, but the gloved hand of an unknown Apple employee reveal an iPhone 6s logic board and display, alongside the rear casing and battery.

MacRumors also pointed to one of the photos, which allegedly confirms the 6s will boast better network performance by including Qualcomm’s WTR3925 radio frequency transceiver chip.

The chip is built on a 28-nm process, compared to the 6 and 6 Plus’s WTR1625L chip built on a 65-nm process, which MacRumors said negates the need for another chip that helps connect to different spectrums.

“By combining the functions of two chips into one on the iPhone 6s, power efficiency and performance are improved while taking up less space on the logic board,” wrote the site.

21/08/2015: Apple’s next device could be available to pre-order from 11 September, according to French source Phone Arena.

The publication also claimed that shipments will begin a week after this, on 18 September, matching previous rumours from Apple Insider.

As rumours circulate, news that Apple’s stock price has fallen have also emerged, according to USA Today, with smartphone sales reportedly falling by four per cent year on year for the second quarter of 2015.

Ken Winans, of Winans International, told the publication: “There’s still denial going on, but this is what happens in late stages (of bull markets). The darling stocks start to get hammered.”


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