Anti-Islam Rallies: Anti-Islam Rallies

Published: October 11, 2015

Anti-Islam Rallies: Anti-Islam Rallies, Pro-diversity supporters outnumbered anti-Islam protesters almost five-to-one at a rally in Hobart today.

Rival protests were organised by anti-Islamic group United Patriots Front and a pro-diversity group at Hobart’s Franklin Square.

About nine people turned out for the United Patriots, compared to about 50 for the anti-racism group.

Both groups went into the protests vowing they would be peaceful, but that quickly deteriorated with an early verbal clash between the two groups and a police line was set up to separate them.

The United Patriots told police and the public they would be marching to a Mosque in West Hobart, but then announced to the group that was a decoy plan and they would instead be marching to Hobart’s waterfront.

The group read the “Aussie Lord’s prayer” before the march and used a megaphone to chant anti-Islam slogans as they walked

Police were again required to separate the groups near Parliament House when members of both sides were yelling and swearing at each other.

One member of the United Patriots Front was carrying a New Zealand flag, and was accordingly heckled by the pro-diversity group.

A member of the United Patriots offered bars of soap the pro-diversity protesters.

Police said they were happy the protest did not turn violent.


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