Amanda Blackburn Funeral: 2,000 Honor Pastor’s Slain Wife

Published: November 17, 2015

Amanda Blackburn Funeral: 2,000 Honor Pastor’s Slain Wife, Thousands packed Trader’s Point Christian Church Sunday night to bid farewell to an Indianapolis woman murdered in her own home.

The service for Amanda Blackburn was solemn, but not somber.

“Some people have funerals, and then some people have celebrations,” explained Pastor Perry Noble, “and in the 28 years that she was with us, Amanda gave us a lot to celebrate.” Noble is the pastor of a South Carolina church where Davey Blackburn worked for four years. He talked about the young couple.

“They made an incredible team,” said Noble. “She truly was the person who completed him and made him a better man.”

A crowd of more than 2,000 packed into Trader’s Point Christian Church to sing and pray.

Amanda’s parents and others spoke during a brief video presentation.

“Amanda brought joy into the family,” said Phil Byars, Amanda’s father.

“Amanda was a gift from day one,” added Robin Byars, her mother.

During the hour-long service, Davey Blackburn sat in the front row, but did not speak. He did post a message to Resonate Church’s Facebook page Friday morning:

Dear Resonate Family,

I cannot thank you enough for the unbelievable outpouring of love that you have shared with my family over the past few days. As many of you know, my wife Amanda Grace and our unborn baby have been tragically killed.

We are going to have church this Sunday, just like we always do. In addition to meeting together at our normal service times, we are going to focus on celebrating Amanda’s life later Sunday afternoon. Please join me at Traders Point Christian Church at 5:00pm. We are going to worship, share the gospel through sharing Amanda’s story, laugh together and cry together. Her heart would be that you invite as many people as possible to this celebration service that do not know the Lord. Amanda’s story has attracted national news. I know that Jesus is going to make good come from this, so in the event someone from the media tries to speak with you, simply respond by asking everyone to join us in prayer for my family. You can let them know that we have extremely heavy hearts and although we are hurting tremendously, we are still hoping and believing that great things are still yet to come.


“His world has been shaken; his faith has not,” Noble said of Davey during Sunday’s service.

There was a brief mention of the Tuesday morning northwest side home invasion during which Amanda Blackburn was, according to police, shot to death by an intruder. But most of the service was focused on a young life – perhaps taken too soon, but part of God’s bigger plan.

“In time, He will take this,” said Noble, motioning to the casket at the edge of the stage, “and He will turn it into a miracle.”

Homicide detectives have said they have surveillance video of the killer but still don’t have a name. They are asking the public for any information that may lead to an arrest.


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