Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Published: December 6, 2011

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery, You want to make Ali Lohan laugh? Tell her she looks like she had plastic surgery. The model of 17 years (and her little sister Lindsay) has become the subject of intense speculation in September, when she arrived at New York Fashion Week looking radically different than the girl to remember. Its representative was adamant she had not suffered cosmetic surgery – and in the next issue of Page Six Magazine, Lindsay Lohan says she found all the hilarious.

“I was cracking up. Because, like, when do I do? I am 17, “says Ali Page Six (via People). “It’s not legal! I need the signature of my mother, and do you think my mother would never sign on that? No! ”

Um, are we talking here of the same mother? Because we would not exactly put it past Dina Lohan signed on cosmetic surgery a teenager, especially if the new look could land her lucrative modeling contract (which did). But Ali says that her mother was telling the truth all along: The change in appearance was due to a growth spurt. Plastic surgery, says Ali, “is not the right thing to do.”

“It’s stupid,” she said gossip. “I did not listen. It is absolutely not true. ”

In September, Dina Lohan told Wendy Williams that Ali was “absolutely not” had any plastic surgery. Lindsay also defended the transformation of her sister on Twitter, calling criticism of her weight loss by writing: “I like the way those who hate to take my sister, however, each model of the track is just as thin! My sister is beautiful and I am so proud of her and her career!!!!”

Lindsay is not only the defender Ali – she also taught her a valuable lesson not to party too hard. Ali tells Page Six that she was offered drugs before, but unfortunately Lindsay has taught him to walk away.

“I just say no,” said Ali. “I’m lucky enough I got my sister to learn … That’s why me and Lindsay are so close, because we can talk about these things together. ”

At least someone learn from mistakes of Lindsay!


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