Actress sued over stare?: Zhao Wei Sues

Published: June 10, 2015

Actress sued over stare?: Zhao Wei Sues, A man is suing a popular Chinese actress for staring at him through his television screen with her big eyes.

Zhao Wei, who stars in new television show Tiger Mom, has been accused of causing emotional distress through her piercing stare, reported People’s Daily Online.

The bizarre case was filed to a court in Shanghai after Chinese authorities streamlined the procedure on accepting and hearing cases in May.

Ms Zhao, who is one of the country’s biggest stars, has earned millions from roles in films such as Shaolin Soccer and is well-known for her large eyes.

In the new television drama, which first aired in May, she plays an ’emotionally unstable’ mother who pushes her daughter towards success.

The unusual case has caused a stir across China as fans took to social media to defend the 39-year-old actress.

One person wrote on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter: ‘Is the guy insane? What’s wrong if an actress has big eyes?’

Another person posted: ‘This kind of weird lawsuit should be condemned. It is a waste of time for court’.

The actress is yet to respond to the accusation.

It is not clear whether the court accepted the case, but changes to the rules on rejecting lawsuits on May 1 means there has been an increase in unusual claims in China.

Recently, a Chinese lawyer claimed compensation for medical expenses and emotional distress against a court judge.

He argued that the judge had not allowed for a recess and this has caused him to experience health problems.

Actress sued over stare?: Zhao Wei Sues

Actress sued over stare?: Zhao Wei Sues


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