‘A German problem’: Viktor Orban Migrant Crisis

Published: September 3, 2015

‘A German problem’: Viktor Orban Migrant Crisis, Hungary’s leader says the migrant crisis facing Europe is a “German problem” since Germany is where those arriving in the EU “would like to go”.

PM Viktor Orban said Hungary would not allow migrants to leave its territory without registering.

His comments came as Hungarian authorities opened the main rail station in Budapest to hundreds of migrants after a two-day stand-off.

One train left, but then stopped near a migrant reception centre.

Migrants mostly from Syria but also from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan resisted efforts by police to get them off the train at Bicske, about 40km (25 miles) west of Budapest. Some were banging on the windows and shouting “Germany, Germany.”

EU rules place responsibility for assessing asylum claims on the country where a migrant first arrives.

Many of the migrants currently in Hungary have been refusing to register there, in order to continue their journeys to Germany before seeking asylum.

Nothing illustrates how difficult this crisis is to resolve than what has happened to these several hundred refugees who are currently on this train at Bicske. They jumped on the train after waiting at Budapest station for three hours. They were really tightly crammed in – women and babies. They were told no international trains would leave. but eventually they were told this train would leave and they believed and hoped it would take them close enough to the Austrian border to get across.

There were some police on board. We got as far as Bickse and when the train pulled in, there were loads of police waiting for them on the platform. The plan seemed to be to remove them, to take them to a centre where they would be properly identified. Some people left the first carriage, but almost immediately there was resistance, a lot of people were banging on the windows, some were shouting “Germany! Germany!” The police put on riot gear.

And then there was one really distressing scene involving a woman who was carrying a baby by the railway tracks shouting “help! help!” There was a struggle involving one of her companions and riot police. This incensed some of the other refugees who had been taken off the train, they began pushing and jostling and there was a little bit of fighting with the riot police. And then they forced their way back on the train, which is where we are at the moment with police on the platform with several hundred refugees on the train in sweltering conditions.


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