911 dispatcher hangs up: Jaydon Chavez-Silver

Published: July 29, 2015

911 dispatcher hangs up: Jaydon Chavez-Silver, A New Mexico firefighter has been removed from the city’s dispatch center after telling a 911 caller who was trying to keep alive a gunshot victim to ‘deal with it yourself.’

Jaydon Chavez-Silver, 17, was fatally shot during an Albuquerque house party on June 26, KRQE reports.

In the recording, the panicked caller snaps at dispatcher – Albuquerque Fire Dept. Driver Matthew Sanchez – for repeatedly asking whether Jaydon is breathing.

Caller: (inaudible) I’m keeping him alive.

Sanchez: Is he not breathing?

Caller: Barely. (inaudible) Stay with me. Stay with me, ok. Good job Jaydon.

Sanchez: Is he breathing?

Caller: He’s barely breathing. How many times do I have to f—ing tell you?

Sanchez: Ok, do you know what ma’am? You can deal with it yourself. I’m not going to deal with this, ok.

Caller: No, he’s going to die.

Source: KRQE

The dispatcher responds that the caller can deal with it herself and adds, ‘I’m not gonna deal with this, OK?’ before hanging up.

Jaydon only just arrived to the party when someone either walked or drove past the home and opened fire.

The teen was sitting on a kitchen counter at the party when at least one of the estimated six shots firec into the house struck him.

He later died in a hospital.

A spokesman for Jaydon’s family says they’re astonished at the call, but want to focus on finding their son’s killer.

Teen dies after Albuquerque firefighter hangs up on 911 caller
‘We heard rumors about the 911 operator hanging up on the caller when Jaydon was shot bit had no other information. After hearing the call today, it is heartbreaking to listen to.

‘Right now, we just want to find the people responsible for this violent, deadly crime. We have set up a reward fund at Bank of the West and it is up to $4000. Anyone with information can call 242-COPS,’ said Jaydon’s mother, Nicole Chavez.

Albuquerque Fire Chief David Downey said in a statement that the department has launched an internal investigation into the call.

‘After learning of the alleged misconduct, Driver Matthew Sanchez was immediately removed from the dispatch center and placed on administrative assignment. An internal investigation has been initiated. As the Chief of the department, I am taking the allegation very seriously.’

Jaydon Chavez-Silver

Jaydon Chavez-Silver

Jaydon Chavez-Silver


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