Published: October 10, 2010

10/10/10: This is called many things: the powers of ten, Eames Day, 42 Day, etc. Some are simply calling 10/10/1910 day, or ten days Diez Diez. It’s one of those rare calendar that nobody really knows how to explain, but for some reason, we are all fascinated by it. 10/10/1910 It’s probably because not happen again during the life of any human being alive to witness today, and certainly shows what we all are fixed numbers and strange patterns. As much as mankind seeks not worry about “details without sense,” it seems that people are concerned about the numbers.

Eames day has a huge amount of backstory. On the one hand, people are being encouraged to see the powers of ten, which is the Eames Office movie. A YouTube video is integrated below if you are not familiar. According Fastcodesign: “Powers of Ten is certainly more relevant now than when it was released The simple idea executed in the movie has become a powerful construction of thinking through design problems in it today, Charles and Ray Eames .. guide us through a seemingly simple exercise – zoom out to 10 ^ 24 and then back to 10 ^ -16 – back to the development of a simple scene, showing that in increasingly large and then smaller contexts.

If the entire zoom in and out of all the visual landscape looks vaguely familiar to Google Earth. We have become very practiced with the scale of entry and exit of satellite imagery of our land, using the sliders funny, awkward at the edges of the maps in Web-to-peer in our homes, our cities, and the Area 51. But this massive application of the powers of Ten is not the reason why we should celebrate the film today. Instead, we must approach it conceptually, in terms of scale. ”
Of course, another reason for geeks to celebrate the day 10/10/1910. In binary, 101 010 becomes 42. If you’ve seen The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you know it took a supercomputer millions of years to find the answer to life, it ends up being “42.” In many ways, today is the perfect day geek. Reports have indicated that thousands and thousands of weddings were planned for today in hopes of bringing the day the long-term fate of the couple in question. One particular wedding chapel in Las Vegas had to hire six more to help Elvis impersonators to the ceremonies. But 10.10.1910 day goes even beyond the geek crowd. U.S. Green Building Council, San Diego Chapter (USGBC-SD) has partnered with 350.org, a nonprofit organization of the environment, encouraging residents of San Diego to participate in a global day of action to celebrate and reduce climate solutions carbon emissions this year by 10 percent October 10, 2010 -. “10.10.1910”

And that’s not all. The long awaited iOS 4.1 jailbreak is also expected to be released today, 10,10,10, and that means a lot to the geek community. So what are you doing to celebrate today? You have 10 seconds to answer …


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