10 Biggest Ways Google Has Innovated

Published: August 19, 2014

10 Biggest Ways Google Has Innovated, When Google made its initial public offering 10 years ago today, the company set out on a path that has continually redefined how the world interacts with technology.

Raising $1.2 billion from its from its public debut on August 19, 2004, Google was able to charge forward with an ambitious plan for expansion — attracting top talent, creating jobs and snapping up other companies, such as YouTube, along the way.

While search still remains at the heart of the company, Google has used their IPO as a springboard for innovation. Here are 10 Google products from Google that have reshaped the business and how we interact with technology in our daily routines.

Google unveiled a prototype of its first self-driving car in May — however they haven’t been given the green light on the open road just yet.

The company has been testing autonomous vehicles for years and points out that having a self-driving car could remove the burden of travel for many.

No need to look for parking at a crowded shopping mall. Instead, users could let their self-driving cars drop them off to run a quick errand. A mother who took a test ride said in the video that having the car would allow her more time to catch up with her son.

The cars could also allow seniors who might not otherwise be able to drive the chance to enjoy mobility. And drunk driving? Not a problem when your car will drive itself.

The cars have logged more than half a million miles, according to Google.

Google delivers search results and email, but the company has also branched out into same-day delivery of physical goods, meaning you never have to leave your house again. (Unless you want to.)

Using Google’s Shopping Express site, users can shop inventory from several big box stores online and then select a delivery time that works for them. A Google Express delivery person will then bring the order to their doorstep.

The downside? It’s currently only available in parts of California and Manhattan.


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